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  • Cleaning Projects
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  • A professional cleaning can boost your home's curb appeal--and your pride in your home. GPX can wash away heavy dirt build-up, and stains, from decks, vinyl siding, painted wood, soffit and fascia, sidewalks, walkways--even swimming pools. A thorough cleaning can sometimes eliminate the need to repaint your home's exterior. Conversely, it can provide you with an accurate picture of your home's condition, so you know where to target your home improvement resources.

    If you are planning to repaint, we can high-pressure wash or dry ice blast for a quick and effective method to eliminate old, chipped paint, so your new coat can be applied on a clean, smooth surface.

    Our cleaning services for homeowners don't stop at your doorstep. Our air duct cleaning services can remove health hazards that work their way through your home, helping you and your family breathe easier. A thorough cleaning can also improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system--an important cost-savings while energy prices soar.

    We have decades of experience in using heavy-duty cleaning equipment. In fact, it's how our company got its start in 1938.

    • Hot/Cold Pressure Washing

    • Dry Ice Blasting

    • Air Duct Cleaning