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  • GPX is prepared to dry down water damage to institutional properties. Our emergency response team combines restoration skills and technology with a focus on safe operating procedures, so you can be assured that your clients are not put at increased risk. In addition, our solid understanding of the insurance claims process will help you navigate the fiscal matters related to your property damage.

    Our Emergency & Response Restoration services begin with rapid response and immediate damage control. Many of the services below are available on an emergency basis.

    Water Damage

    We can address isolated or widespread water damage with drying and water extraction to minimize property loss. Our equipment inventory includes fans, desiccant, LGR, and conventional dehumidifiers, as well as equipment to extract water from carpets and walls and to vacuum large quantities of water from basements.

    Wind Damage

    Material Spills

    When these first steps in damage control are complete, we can continue your restoration project with our Construction Services.