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  • There is still a lot of asbestos out there. If you have some of it, GPX offers commercial facility owners the assurance that their asbestos abatement project can be handled discreetly, and with the highest standards practiced in the industry to keep their employees or tenants safe during and after abatement.

    Through its subsidiary American Asbestos Control Co, GPX provides certified expertise in surveys, analysis, and abatement of asbestos.

    Whether you have a demolition or renovation project, GPX can help you plan and design and perform your project within the time frame you require.

    GPX also provides its own transportation, and can assure you that all materials are disposed of with care and in compliance with regulations. 

    After abatement, should you need to reinsulate and/or rebuild, GPX can provide the skilled technicians to meet your standards.

    Having performed thousands of projects over two decades, we have the experience, the insurance, and the desire to be your single source for your abatement needs.