Mold — Real Estate


Is Mold a Problem?

It can be, but not always.  When it is, be careful, be informed, and hire a qualified environmental professional to help you.

If you think, or know, you have a mold problem, be sure you use a qualified professional to inspect and assess your situation.  If there is a problem, hire a qualified environmental company to remediate the mold and mitigate the source problem.

Mold is known to cause health problems.  It is also known to grow as a result of moisture or water problems.  Mold can therefore be a symptom of hidden moisture problems.

Buyer Beware! 

The majority of sellers and contractors who perform their own mold remediation are not qualified to do so, and they put everyone involved at risk when they do, especially buyers.

Don’t buy a property without having a mold inspection by a qualified environmental consultant that helps you identify and understand existing mold and water problems, and what your options might be.

Seller Beware! 

To minimize your risk before and after a sale, don’t mishandle a mold problem.  To hire an unqualified contractor or attempt to remediate large mold problems yourself can breed distrust with your buyers, as well as keep you tied to the property after the sale. 

Everyone Beware!

Everyone connected to a property with a mold problem not handled by a qualified contractor is at risk.

Too many people think they can “Spray and Pray” mold away.  Even applying professional anti-microbial agents will not remove dead mold. Dead mold produce mycotoxins, too.  Mycotoxins are harmful to the body.

In Summary

  • Mold can be a real problem.
  • Don’t panic, but act quickly.
  • Hire the right company to help you.
  • Be proactive in the right way.
  • For more on mold, please read our Mold FAQs or call GPX at 877.399.0500